February 26, 2015

Frame For Me

Description: A picture frame
Main Pitch: "Turn your child's artwork into a framed masterpiece"
Main Offer:$19.95 for one in black or white
Bonus: 2nd one in same color (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Allstar
Producer: Hutton-Miller
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In the last two days, we’ve had a coloring book for adults and a now a picture frame for children. Does it feel like Opposite Week to anyone else?

Actually, lumping these two projects together in completely unfair. While it may seem contradictory on its surface, a picture frame for kids makes sense while a coloring book for adults does not. The reason is actually pretty obvious: Kids want to be treated like grownups; grownups don’t want to be treated like kids. “Here’s a picture frame for your coloring project, Johnny” makes Johnny feel great. “Here’s a coloring book for you to play with, mom” makes your mom feel insulted.

As basic as that point may seem, some people are missing it. In the Comments section of my Colorama review, an anonymous poster wrote: “[T]hink about what seniors are doing all day … crosswords and coloring and watching TV.” Um, one of those words does not belong in that sentence. Can you tell me which one it is, kids?

S7 Analysis: I think this product and project are a great idea, but I admit that opinion is in defiance of many of my own criteria. This one also lacks some of the typical requirements for kids’ products (e.g. play value) and, to top it all off, faces the challenge of being a pretty unexciting object as well. In summary, this is a total gut call. But gut calls are a proper part of this business so long as they are made in moderation. And if your gut tells you a coloring book for adults is a good idea -- gut calls are not for you.

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