July 17, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Radar Remote. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "The easiest and quickest way to find your lost TV remote." Comments: An apparent 'fast fail.' (Link goes to spot.) This is one of those items that has been presented dozens of times in the industry but seldom taken all the way to a TV test. Indeed, I couldn't find a single example on the blog. I recall that a version of the idea was once hot at Sharper Image (when that store still existed), which is probably why the idea first got traction. Otherwise, it strikes me as a problem that's low on the scale. [ss]
  3. Flavor Lockers. Marketer: Hearthware/NuWave. Pitch: "Seal in the flavor. Lock in the freshness." Comments: This idea has been tried many times in many ways with success and is clearly another Siren. [ss]
  5. Flower Pot Tree. Pitch: "Adorn your home and beautify your yard." Comments: DR is not the medium for introducing a "line of products," and these deck mounts (etc.) aren't demonstrable or exciting. [ss]
  7. Rubber Duckie & Friends. Pitch: "The adorable, gentle-flow bath and shower wand for kids." Comments: This one targets a segment of a segment. ("But what about Party in the Tub?" you say. And to that I reply: "One is an outlier, three is a category.") It also requires installation, which is a proven sales barrier for DRTV buyers. On a related note, showing plumber's tape in a commercial is never a good idea. [ss]
  9. UFC Fit. Pitch: "The exclusive training and nutrition program created and developed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship." Comments: The logical culmination of a trend I noted back in 2010 that began with Randy Couture and Tower 200. [ss]

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