February 11, 2014

In the News

Good PR pickup for Allstar and CEO Scott Boilen today.

From MarketWatch:

It’s a question that veteran “As Seen on TV” marketer Scott Boilen asked when he was given the opportunity to introduce yet another bacon product to an already crowded marketplace. But Boilen couldn't resist the invention, a simple gizmo that turns a few strips of bacon into an edible shell. And so the Bacon Bowl was launched by Boilen's Allstar Products Group via a series of infomercials in late 2013.

In a brief period, Boilen's New York-based company has sold more than two million units of the $10.99 bacon cooker, making the Bowl a success story potentially on par with the Snuggie, to name Boilen’s biggest “As Seen on TV” hit.

The lesson? Never underestimate the power of bacon, says Boilen: “It's almost become a cult-like food.”

The full article is here.

The most interesting thing to me in that introduction is the phrase "never underestimate the power of bacon." This is akin to something I have been saying lately: Bacon is on a different level than any other food.

I have been using the phrase as an admonition, an attempt to dissuade people from wasting money on what is probably inevitable -- a dozen or so pointless attempts to have a hit with another kind of bowl made of food. Meatloaf bowls! Pasta bowls! Fajita steak bowls! Gyro bowls! (Wait, that last one was actually a hit product ... although it wasn't made of gyro meat.)

The point is that bacon is a special food that inspires a special kind of lust (hence my "food porn" comment). For example, it's the only kind of meat I can think of that you wrap around other kinds of meat. So let's all keep that in mind, calm down and not let 'edible bowls' turn into another Siren category.

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