October 18, 2013


Description: A therapeutic plush toy
Main Pitch: "The cuddly, cooling and huggable heating packs"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one character
Bonus: 2nd character (just pay P&H)
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Website: www.BuyThermalaid.com
Prediction: Likely to succeed

What?! A plush toy Jordan likes? I know! It's crazy! But after 100 attempts, I finally found one that makes sense to me. Adults use hot and cold packs. Why not make one that's kid-friendly?

Other things I like: It isn't trying to be a Pillow Pet, and it doesn't feature a super-cheesy jingle. It just solves a straightforward problem for parents and kids, both of whom are looking for any kind of comfort when the little one doesn't feel well.

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