October 29, 2013

Magic Apron

Description: An apron
Main Pitch: "Magically flips on with no strings attached"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay P&H)
Website: www.BuyMagicApron.com
Prediction: Bomb

Experienced DRTV players know it's critical for a product to solve a problem. However, sometimes marketers decide to go forward with a product that doesn't solve a problem, and this creates a dilemma during the creative process that is often addressed with what I call a "contrived problem." This creative offers a perfect example. Here are the opening lines:

Aprons are a hassle to get on and off. The ones that don't untie can leave your hair a mess. You don't want to wear it [the apron], but just a single spot can ruin that dress.

For those playing along at home, that was three contrived problems in a row. It is my assessment that they are presented in the order of 'most contrived' to 'least contrived,' but that last "problem" has been solved since aprons were invented.

Some may argue that there is no other choice but to contrive problems when presented with a product like this. I agree: Skipping the problem and going straight to "Introducing a new kind of apron!" would have been a terrible idea. But that misses the ultimate point: This project should never have gotten a green light in the first place.

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