May 08, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Brushy Bowl. Marketer: Lenfest. Producer: Opfer. Pitch: "The revolutionary dog dish designed specifically to brush away bad dog breath lickety-split." Comments: A 'fast fail.' You can still watch the spot here for now. [ss]
  3. Cel Lens. Pitch: "The four-time magnifying lens that fits onto any mobile device with a camera." Comments: Another 'fast fail,' it would seem, since the site is already down. You can still watch the spot here for now. [ss]
  5. Magic Closer. Pitch: "Remembers to close your garage even when you forget." Comments: Selling on negative emotions such as fear and paranoia (did I close the garage door? did I leave the iron on?) seldom works. Indeed, I pity the poor person who experiences these worries intensely enough to order this product! [ss]
  7. R2L. Pitch: "Proven in FCC certified labs to reduce cell phone radiation by up to 70 percent." Comments: Amatuer hour. When you have to use lines like, "you can't see it but it's there" in your commercial, you should save the money. Also: Does anyone besides the 'tin-foil hat' crowd think this is a real problem? [ss]
  9. Sport Aquarium. Pitch: "The ultimate freshwater fish aquarium for sports fans everywhere." Comments: What a bizarre and random item to try on DRTV! At least it's unique. [ss]
  11. Super Fast Drain Cleaner. Starring: Professor Amos. Pitch: "Works so fast that it'll shock you." Comments: This is the HSN star's second recent attempt at DRTV success. His first was Shock It Clean (#10 in this Weekly Round-Up from August of last year). [ss]
  13. Youth Perfect. Starring: Maryann Batiste. Pitch: The "pillow case designed to protect your youth." Comments: In DR, the third time is never the charm. Smooth As Silk and Beauty Silkz were the first two attempts. Love My Face, a pillow with similar properties, was also tried. [ss]

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