March 29, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Brooklyn, Kansas City and now London

  1. London Railroad Lantern. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "A beautiful recreation of the original conductor's lantern." Comments: It seems I was wrong about which city they'd try next. I failed to take into account other countries! [ss]
  3. Eyeglass Watcher. Pitch: "The easy way to keep a watchful eye on your glasses." Comments: I have the same thoughts as the last time this concept was tried (see iSpex, which is #4 in this round-up). [ss]
  5. Flabs 2 Abs. Pitch: "Guaranteed to produce better weight-loss results than [every big name diet plan]." Comments: Not bad for amateurs, but those comparison claims are going to get them in trouble. [ss]
  7. PainEZium. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "Just spray it on and the neck, back and arthritis pain is gone." Comments: I can't think of the last pain-relief product that was successful on DRTV (unless we count the one that caused the headache pain it cured). Besides being the epitome of a crowded category, it is jealousy protected and heavily policed. [ss]
  9. Saf-T-Bait. Starring: The ubiquitous Marc Gill. Pitch: "Keeps your bait safe while you cast." Comments: It appears Mr. Gill will pitch anything. The late, great Billy Mays went through this phase as well, going so far as to pitch health insurance. As for my thoughts on the item, see below. [ss]
  11. S20 Laundry. Starring: Akos Jankura. Pitch: "No measuring, no mixing, no heavy containers." Comments: All attempts at competing in this category are likely to fail for reasons I have already explained several times before (see here, for instance). [ss]
  13. Skippy Fish. Pitch: "Stop fishing and start catching." Comments: Fishing continues to be on my list of bad DR categories. It has also become like the golf category with as many fish-catching gadgets being tested these days as swing-improvement gadgets. [ss]

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