November 15, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

(Editor's Note: This posting has been corrected. The original version erroneously reviewed the bonus for the Zmart Switch instead of the switch itself.)

Splot stain remover

  1. Pant-O-Rama. Pitch: "Pants designed to slim the stomach, eliminate muffin tops and enhance and lift the buttocks." Comments: Amateur hour. [ss]
  3. Rotator Rod. Pitch: "The shower rod that gives you the space you need when in the shower and then ... rotates to get out of the way." Comments: This is a solution to a solution. That is, it solves a problem with a new product most people don't yet own -- which is about as logical as it sounds. [ss]
  5. Splot. Pitch: "The instant stain sucker." Comments: This is an over-engineered solution to a problem currently being solved by any number of brand-name cleaning products. [ss]
  7. Zmart Switch. Pitch: "The revolutionary wireless remote switch that lets you control any light from anywhere." Comments: Back when we did Handy Switch with the late, great Billy Mays this was a relatively new concept. These days, not so much. I recently did some market research for a similar product, and it became clear the idea is no longer unique. [ss]

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