September 22, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

Hulk Hogan is now pitching pain relief

  1. Ab & Thigh Shuffle. Pitch: "Burn calories and fat in just minutes a day." Comments: Yet another fitness project making those classic claims the FTC just loves. [ss]
  3. Active Relief. Starring: Hulk Hogan. Pitch: "Reduce pain in as few as 7 days." Comments: Speaking of the FTC ... And poor Hulk! First PumMagic. Now the video for this campaign has been removed (never a good sign). Guy just can't seem to get hooked up with a good DRTV campaign! [ss]
  5. Epi Smooth. Pitch: "Lasts longer than shaving." Comments: Hot category, weak product. I could not discern a real point of difference. [ss]
  7. EZ Vue. Pitch: "The lightest, most convenient reading glasses ever." Comments: This concept has failed multiple ways and multiple times (see My Lil' Readers). It's just too easy to walk into a drug store and find dozens of options. [ss]
  9. Green Glider. Starring: Jason Williams. Pitch: "End the disposable trend." Comments: My perception is that every attempt to pitch against Swiffer has failed. My instinct is that people love the product and don't care that they have to buy replacement pads. [ss]
  11. Lap Pro. Pitch: "The amazing hands-free stand for e-readers, tablets and books." Comments: Allstar tried a few products like this (e.g. Happy Sack) without success. [ss]
  13. PoniLox. Pitch: "The only pivoting hair comb that easily creates instant updos." Comments: Another one of the 50 hair projects that will be tried this year in hopes of it being the one that catches on. [ss]
  15. Seal 'R' Up. Pitch: "The easy way to seal up any bag instantly." Comments: Still a bad idea. [ss]

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