September 09, 2012

The True Top Spenders of 2012 (Mid-Year)

The review period is over, so here is the final True Top Spenders list for the first half of 2012, including all of the marketer and producer credits I have:

And now -- just in time for ERA -- here is your True Top Marketer and True Top Producer (drumroll, please) ...

True Top Marketer: Allstar Products Group!

Allstar takes the top spot with TEN roll-outs on the list. This well-oiled machine is cranking out hits every way possible, from growing them at home to partnering for success. They are a true testament to the power of treating people well and maintaining a great reputation. Major kudos to them.

Meanwhile, Telebrands was a close second with nine roll-outs, including the No. 1 campaign of the first half, Orgreenic. Everyone else trailed from a distance.

True Top Producer: Concepts TV!

Concepts quietly dominated the field with SEVEN legitimate roll-outs during the first half of this year. Concepts has always been consistent, having at least one or two roll-outs every year for the better part of three decades. And now, these lovely ladies (and, um, guys too) can also take credit for havingthe most roll-outs of any producer. Congratulations to them!

The next closest producer was The Schwartz Group with an impressive five roll-outs, including (once again) the No. 1 campaign, Orgreenic. As an interesting side note, every Schwartz roll-out during the first half of this year was a food-related item, which is why I have declared this team the undisputed champions of 'Food DR'.

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  1. Super interesting list with the marketers and producers listed. I am not convinced about the relative order on a few, but am sure that is the best that can possibly be done without being an insider at all companies. Good job.