August 21, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

  1. EZ Indoor Garden. Pitch: "Grown your own vegetables, herbs and edible flowers -- all indoors." Comments: This product reminds me of the AeroGarden, which found DR success a few years ago. However, that earlier product carried a heftier price tag, which I think is necessary to make the economics work for this niche market. [ss]
  3. Handbag Hangups. Pitch: "When a hangup is good to have." Comments: This concept was tried at least twice before on DRTV without success (see here and here). In DR, the third time is never the charm. [ss]
  5. Kitty Litty. Pitch: "Just simply lift then shake, and it automatically sifts." Comments: This attempt at 'old gold' was already tried once without success. Then Sift & Toss came along and recaptured the market with a new, disposable solution. This commercial tries to convince people the old way was better, but I don't think people will buy it (literally). [ss]
  7. Micro Pop-Up Wallet. Pitch: "Just pull the strap to pop up your credit cards, your license, your insurance cards and more." Comments: I feel the same way about this as I felt about Aluma Slide: A solution in search of a problem. Is it really that hard to get things out of your wallet? [ss]
  9. Safety Glo. Pitch: "Emits a bright, glowing light ... keeping you and your pet seen and safe." Comments: I've taken a few cracks at pet safety items like this. None has panned out. It seems prevention doesn't sell in the pet category, either. [ss]

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