June 27, 2012

Knife Saver

Description: A knife sharpener
Main Pitch: "The easy way for you to make your knives cut just like new"
Main Offer: $15 (?!) for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay processing)
Starring: Joe LoGuidice (whoever that is)
Website: www.TheKnifeSaver.com
Prediction: Bomb

This is the sixth attempt at a knife sharpener in the last few years. If the third time is never the charm in DR ...

So why didn't I throw this into a weekly round-up? Two reasons. First, I want to declare knife sharpeners a dead category (for now), like I did with lighting at the end of last year. Unless you have the greatest thing since sliced bread (cut with a newly sharpened knife that squashed the bread before), I would stay away from this category for DRTV. Every type of knife sharpener has been tried using every type of creative (good and bad) and every type of name. Still not convinced? OK, here's the list:

  1. Furi Ozitech (Furi, early 2010)
  2. Ronco Ready Sharp (IdeaVillage/Blue Moon, May 2011)
  3. Kleva Sharp (Tristar, early 2011)
  4. Samurai Pro (SAS Group/Hutton-Miller, June 2011)
  5. Edge of Glory (Telebrands, October 2011)

FYI, this product is almost identical to the Ronco Ready Sharp.

Second, I reviewed this because I wanted to point out an amusing hazard of using YouTube as your Website's media player. YouTube has a close-captioning feature that must be a beta because it's horrible. I guess I accidentally turned it on at some point because when I went to this site, captioning was on and it kept mis-typing words with humorous results. For example, "stop using pressure and hacking away by sharpening your knife the easy way" became "stop using pressure and having a great white shark read or write the easy way." And Joe LoGuidice's name became "joe blow." It's hilarious! Click the "CC" button and check it out.

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  1. confusing website with pricing in the upper right??