April 06, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Adjust-A-Light. Pitch: "Supply lighting at any angle to any area of your home." Comments: This one isn't going to be the exception in the currently dead lighting category. It's a solution in search of a problem and a decor choice on top of that. [ss]
  2. Cool Slumber Pad. Pitch: "The pillow pad that keeps you cool, so you can sleep better." Comments: This one faces a market-size problem since only menopausal women would find this problem painful enough to consider an impulse purchase. It's also $24.95. [ss]
  3. Finishing Touch Smile. Marketer: IdeaVillage. Pitch: "Just paint it on and the stains are gone." Comments: This doesn't have a shot on short-form DRTV, and at retail it enters a super-crowded category. Also, the 10-year-old Finishing Touch brand stands for "hair removal," not "teeth whitening." [ss]
  4. Magical Miracle Garden. Pitch: "Just roll out and water." Comments: This is Roll 'N Grow under a different name. [ss]
  5. Oven Armor. Marketer: Lenfest. Company: Opfer Communications. Pitch: "Turn any pan into non-stick, no mess cookware." Comments: I have inside info on this one, so no comment. Just posting this one for posterity. [ss]
  6. Stove Buddy. Pitch: "Bridge that annoying and unhealthy gap ... between your stove and countertop." Comments: Another solution in search of a problem. [ss]
  7. Titanic $2 Bill. Pitch: "Own a piece of history." Comments: I don't know what makes this sub-genre of DRTV tick. What I do know is the National Park $2 Bills were No. 33 on my True Top 50 of 2011. [ss]

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