February 06, 2012

Review: Infinity Filter

Description: A water filter
Main Pitch: "20 years of great-tasting, clean and pure water, and 20 years of never having to replace your filter"
Main Offer: $29.95 for one with diverter valve and faucet adapter
Bonus: 2nd complete kit (just pay additional P&H)
Starring: Bob Circosta
Marketer: Allstar
Website: www.InfinityFilter.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

This product features a compelling value proposition, but that alone usually isn't enough to carry a campaign. You need a new twist, or else a concept that seems new to most people because they haven't heard much about it before (see Yoshi Blade).

The "infinity" angle of this filter seems like a twist at first, but it's really just a value play in disguise. The filter itself looks like other filters on the market and has the same important disadvantage compared with the Brita filters it indicts: It requires installation, a dirty word in DR.

[Posterity Note: This isn't Allstar's first foray into the water filtration category. In the fall of last year, the company tested a water bottle with a built-in filter called Tap 2 Pure [ss], which was produced by Blue Moon Studios. For some reason, it slipped past my radar.]

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