November 01, 2011

Summer True Top 50

Since the warm weather is clearly over here in the Northeast (today there is snow on the ground), it's time to take a look back at the true hits from the summer season. The results are in. Here are the True Top 50 ...

First, my standard disclaimer: This listing is based on our unique methodology, which you can always read more about here.

Second, here's an update on my track record. With regard to new items only, my track record is 3-4-9. I got three wrong (two are questionable), four right and nine didn't count for one reason or another.

Ones I got wrong: Sift & Toss, Snap-On Feathers and Slim Away. I think the first two are questionable because the commercials and/or strategies changed before the campaign rolled out. When I reviewed Snap-On Feathers, for example, the commercial did not star Carishma or feature a pitch to download her single. Meanwhile Sift & Toss has gone through several revamps since I reviewed it. But in both cases, I wasn't hot on the core concept, so I'll take my licks. I guess retail sales will be the ultimate judge of my degree of wrongness.

Ones I got right: Perfect Meatloaf, Slice-O-Matic, Shed Pal and Half Time Drill Driver. Three out of four are Schwartz Group productions. More on that later.

I did not review Pivotrim, Thundershirt or Ab Roller Evolution simply because I missed them until it was too late. Meanwhile, I intentionally did not review Eggies or MyZone Headphones because I was too close to them to make any comment. Although I made brief remarks about Magic Mesh, I probably should have skipped that one for the same reason, since I wrote the commercial. As for Flex Seal, Miracle Socks and Plaque Blast, my comments were brief and rode the fence, so I didn't count them either way.

Next, I am announcing that Allstar Products is my True Top Marketer for the summer of 2011, re-taking the top spot with eight hits total, four of them new and four in the top 10. Telebrands is a close second with nine hits total, six of them new. But they only had one in the top 10 (an old hit at that). Allstar also had a total of five hits in the top 25 to Telebrands' four, so I gave the edge to Allstar. IdeaVillage and Media Enterprises tie for third with three hits each, none of them new.

Finally, I am declaring The Schwartz Group my new True Top Producer. Not because of the total number of hits they produced (they have only three to Hutton-Miller's six), but because all three are new to the True Top 50. Perfect Meatloaf is also the highest-ranked new hit (at No. 3) from a producer with more than one appearance on the charts.

I admit this methodology is a bit selective. Looking at the sheer number of hits, old or new, Hutton-Miller would tie Blue Moon Studios for No. 1 with six hits each, and The Schwartz Group would tie Concepts TV for No. 2 with three hits each. But I like to look at new hits, and when it comes to those, The Schwartz Group has clearly emerged as No. 1. They have one new hit in the top 10, two new hits in the top 25 and three new hits in the Top 50.

This is the first time The Schwartz Group has been No. 1, so congratulations to them!

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