November 22, 2011

Review: I.M Rings

Description: Workout rings
Main Pitch: "Use the body you got to get the body you want"
Main Offer: $14.95 for rings and anchoring system
Bonus: 7 Extreme Workout DVDs
Starring: Jake himself
Marketer: Body By Jake
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

I confess to not understanding this category very well. What makes its target audience buy and how the DRTV-to-retail model works appear to be different than with other categories. Based on what I've seen, however, the products that break through tend to present a strong "reason to believe" the system will deliver the promised 'get ripped' results. (It also helps to have an MMA star attached to the product.)

This item doesn't credibly present such a reason. Maybe that's because working out with rings is an unusual behavior you don't see in your local gym -- versus, say, people working out with Tower 200-like cables.

As for the spot, I found it long on motivational platitudes and short on product features. Then again, it's hard to spend a lot of time talking about a pair of rings.


  1. I have these and they are awesome. I believe that they can get you ripped faster and safer then normal free weights. Because you are using your own body weight and you just adjust with moving your feet further or closer for more or less resistance.
    This way, if you get in a rut and can't push through, well you sport yourself. It comes with the option to take the rings with the extra webbing and go to a over all awesome.

  2. I just bought my IM Rings and have started working out using the product. If you ever worked out with a trainer utilizing trx suspension training straps this is similar to that type of workout. This product does work and is at a fraction of the cost of trx. I was a little skeptical of course at first but it does the same exact thing that trx does (works you out and your sore the next day from the workout)/ Definitely a GREAT buy!