July 08, 2011

Review: Hair Bean

Description: A bean-shaped detangling brush
Main Pitch: "The pain-free way to eliminate tangles without pulling out a single hair"
Main Offer: $10 for one with mirrored travel case
Bonus: 2nd set (just pay processing), free shipping, surprise gift
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Blue Moon Studios
Website: www.HairBean.com
Prediction: On The Fence

This is the better Telebrands' product I mentioned in my quick review of Hair Glider (No. 4). Still, I recall having mixed feelings when I first saw it. Although it solves a problem a similar concept, OrbitBrush, failed on DRTV a few years ago.

This has a much different design and a different pitch, so maybe this one will succeed. Blue Moon does a good job broadening the appeal as well, since there's a tendency in these spots to focus too much on kids. Speaking of the commercial, I really like the convertible "torture test." Well conceived and executed!


  1. Yeah hairbean seems nice and everything and costs only $10.00 and they'll double your order if you order within the next 10 mins! But what this product maker won't tell you, is that they sock it to you with shipping & handling and the online form is worded in such a way that if you aren't careful, you will wind up ordering 2Xs, making the order come out to 4 brushes instead of just 2 brushes. Bean there, done that and didn't get the T-shirt. These TV ads are all the same.

  2. I know what you mean. My Dh too order some wallets that were advertised on TV. They were super expensive, making the total come out to $75.00 for ONLY two wallets! They got him with the shipping and handling. So, I'll wait to go to Walgreens and buy the hairbean brush there instead.

  3. Is HairBean a copy of Tanglee Teezer from UK?

  4. This product isn't what they described. I have very curly hair and I was given this as a Christmas present. I had never seen the product before and thought I would try it. I did go through my hair without pulling on tangles but when I was done my hair looked like I had stuck in in an electric socket. It was so frizzy and stuck out in a million directions. It looked terrible. Their description says "Use Hair Bean to give your ahir the smooth, shiney look that everybody loves." I don't think anyone would want their hair to look like mine did when I combed it while dry. I just got it tonight and it's in the recycling container already b/c it's a waste of money if you have really curly hair.

  5. I got one of these at a local drug store for $10, and gave it a shot because my thick, fine hair is unbelievably tangly, especially after I wash it. I also have a sensitive scalp and hate to endure all the tugging and pulling it takes to get the tangles out. I have to say...I love this thing! Most hairbrushes won't even get all the way through my hair. The Hair Bean is much gentler and way faster, especially when my hair is wet. I won't say it's completely painless, but it feels a lot better than the awful plastic brush I was having to use. I'm going to go back and get another one.

  6. I just used it on my 7 year old daughter. She usually cries and screams when I brush her hair. She was completely calm and didn't complain at all. I kept asking "does that hurt", but she said the bristle actually felt good and it didnt pull her hair. I have to give this product a 10 out of 10 for solving this problem for Our family. Thank you so much to the inventors of this product!

  7. The local news here took the hear bean to the day care where my friend works at, and the kids HATED it! It not only pulled out the kids hair, it made their hair totally frizzy, and one mom took it home and tried it on her daughters hair who is thick and curly, before AND after bath time, she used her own brush before she even used this, and her daughter STILL hated it! IT ALSO SOUNDS HORRIBLE WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR HAIR!!! I give it a big fat F-

  8. I love this thing - my 5 year old daughter has mid length very fine straight hair and she throws absolute fits when I try to brush her hair. I bought the Hair Bean at Ross for $4.99 + tax (I never order anything off of the TV cause they always find a way to screw you over.) Anyway, I tried this on her hair tonight after the bath, and it worked GREAT - no crying, she just sat and it went so much faster. I can see how it would be a problem on curly hair, but for me it worked great.

  9. The hair bean worked wonders for my 7 year old. I don't understand how some people did not like it. My daughter has thick, fine hair that knots easily. This went through so easily that I am going to go back and buy another at
    Bed Bath and Beyond.

  10. I saw the Hair Bean discounted at Ross, and for the money I thought I'd try it on my Pomeranian...He hates brushing, but he needs it daily to control the matts in his long and beautiful coat. It works great! It must feel like a soothing massage to him, because he just lays there and lets me use it; when before, he would fight me with every brush stroke. Not only does it keep the tangles from turning into matts, but it adds volume to my little 'fluff ball.' Thanks Hair Bean.