July 18, 2011

Dueling Saws

Review: Mighty Saw

Description: A manual chainsaw
Main Pitch: "The portable chainsaw that cuts it all and fits in your pocket"
Main Offer: $10 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay P&H)
Starring: David Jones and Taylor Baldwin
Producer: Hutton-Miller [current True Top Producer]
Website: www.MightySaw.com
Prediction: On the Fence

Review: Perfect Saw

Main Pitch: "The portable hand chainsaw that cuts about anything fast and easy"
Main Offer: $19.95 with storage case
Bonus: 2nd one with case (just pay P&H)
Website: www.PerfectSaw.com
Prediction: On the Fence

Mighty Saw will win this duel because it has the better offer (at least at press time). Otherwise, this would be a close call. What the Perfect Saw commercial lacks in credibility and creative prowess (Hutton-Miller did just break my record for most hits on the True Top 50), it makes up for with solid outdoor demos and strong selling points. While I really like the mall testimonial approach Hutton-Miller uses and think that it adds a ton of crediblity, I think this spot needs to spend most of its time outdoors.

Beyond those differences, both commercials feature the same product with the same features and benefits, so my prediction is the same. I don't think price will matter much in the final analysis. People will want the product, or not, just the same. As for the item, my initial gut reaction when I saw it on live shopping was that DRTV buyers wouldn't want it. I figured small electric chainsaws were a widely available alternative for those who didn't want to handle bulky, gas-powered saws. Besides, using this requires a dirty word in DR ... "work." It also looks a little dangerous to me because of how it springs free at the end of the cut.

However, these commercials have made me doubt my initial evaluation. One thing I didn't pick up on, until I saw these spots, was the "cuts on three sides" pitch -- that's a nice benefit even chainsaws can't offer. As a result, I am truly on the fence about this one.

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