June 23, 2011

In The News

ABC is all over our industry!

On Wednesday, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia covered Lenfest Media Group's Discovery Day, where I served as a judge. Along with live shopping guru and on-air personality Scott Hynd, Lenfest's Andy McKinley and Mark Reyland from the United Inventors Association of America (UIA), I helped evaluate more than 30 products and determine their suitability for DRTV. In the "Action News" video above, you can just make out the side of my head at one point. Guess that's another five seconds off my 15 minutes of fame!

Meanwhile, earlier this week, the multi-talented Arwen Saxon of Sullivan Productions got some "Action News" attention of her own down in St. Pete for the off-beat spot below. No comment on the product!

And last but not least, ABC gave national coverage to AJ's most recent "Inventor's Day" in Chicago. In case you missed the June 17 20/20 show, it's available on YouTube in two parts, here and here. Arwen's "Happy Hot Dog Man" is included.

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  1. I love the happy hot dog man. When you put the weenie in the man, he's gets so happy.