May 27, 2011

Review: Tidy Tower

Description: A hanging rack
Main Pitch: "The instant storage rack that fits in any room"
Main Offer: $29.95 for one with two hooks
Bonus: 2nd one with hooks (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Allstar
Producer: Cole Media
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

The primary positioning for this product is laundry hanging/drying, and such items have a poor track record on DRTV. Allstar tried and failed in 2010 with Handy Dryer. Sully and Telebrands tried and failed in 2007 with the Pop-Up Hanger. And Hamilton Beach tried and failed later that same year with the overpriced Quick Dry. Speaking of price, this product's price will also hurt response.

For those who would argue this is more of a closet-expansion solution: Well, those items have a bad history as well. I have personally failed with at least two such solutions in my career. All in all, this may be another one of those categories that does well on live shopping but doesn't translate to DRTV. I guess we'll see.


  1. One of your best and most thought out reviews yet!