August 10, 2007

New Items: Pop-Up Hanger, State Quarters Map, Push-Up Pro and more

As I explained yesterday, this week’s report is my first to feature both commercial scores based on my “Tried-and-True” (T&T) DRTV techniques and product scores based on my seven criteria for identifying hit DRTV products (aka the “Divine Seven”).

Here’s the latest …

1. POP-UP HANGER ($19.99) is a folding, portable clothes hanger for ironing and air-drying delicates. The main claim: “Holds 30 items of clothing in less than two feet.” The bonus is the Steam Quick, a handheld steamer that looks like an iron (just pay S&H). This is a Telebrands product and an Anthony Sullivan commercial.
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7

Strengths: This is a product for the mass market that’s priced right for DRTV, easy to explain, holds appeal for older people and faces no credibility issues.
Weaknesses: It doesn’t solve a painful enough problem, since most people probably have a good-enough solution in their laundry room, and it doesn’t seem new/unique.
Commercial (T&T) Score: 3 out of 10
Comments: Sully does a great job of highlighting features and benefits, and of setting up solid product demos. I only watched the 60-second version of this commercial (I couldn’t find the 120 on the IMS tape or online), but even in that short time the commercial was chock full of demos. However, perhaps because of the shorter format, the commercial was missing quite a few key elements, including a problem-solution opening and a satisfaction guarantee. I also thought the offer was a little weak, and the value of the offer wasn’t proven with any kind of price comparison. To be fair, some of the other T&T techniques (e.g. testimonials and explaining how the product works) wouldn’t have made much sense for this product.

2. BRETHE (2 pay, $29.99) is an air purifier from Homedics. It uses water and natural botanicals to clean the air without harmful chemicals. The main claim: “Studies show it kills up to 99% of odor causing bacteria and safely revitalizes the air you breathe.” They also claim it “uses less electricity per day than a standard light bulb.” The offer includes three botanicals (citrus, vanilla and lime) and a guide to improving indoor air quality. The bonus is a fourth botanical (lavender).
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7
Strengths: Air purifiers are mass-market items (proven by Sharper Image) that solve a common problem and appeal to people of all ages. The all-natural botanicals angle makes the product unique.
Weaknesses: I don’t think “botanicals” are a credible method of air purification, especially after all the bad press about ions doing nothing (which eventually killed the ionic air purifier business). This product also isn’t easy to explain, which further compounds the credibility problem. And even though this is a longer-form short-form commercial (a five-minute spot), the price point is too high.
Commercial (T&T) Score: 5 out of 10
Comments: This commercial has loads of credibility with its real people testimonials as well as a lengthy testimonial from a scientist who tested the product. I guess that’s one of the luxuries of a five-minute commercial: There’s plenty of time for infomercial-style “social proof.” Where it’s weak is in the area of demos: The product just sits there and sloshes around. I’d like to see the classic “smoke chamber” demo at a minimum -- maybe even in a side-by-side with an ionic air purifier, since this commercial is also lacking in product and value comparisons. Lastly, the offer is also weak: A guide to cleaner air has little value, and adding a fourth botanical doesn’t do much to make the relatively high price point seem like a bargain.

3. RIDDEX PLUS ($29.95) is an electronic pest control device “powered by Motorola technology.” It plugs into an outlet and sends digital pulses through the wiring in the walls that are supposed to drive insects and rodents away. The main claim: “Just plug it in and your entire house can be bug free.” The offer is buy one, get one free.
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7
Strengths: This is a mass market problem solver that appeals to people of all ages and is fairly easy to explain. The price seems high at first, but the two-for-one deal brings it down to the right price for DRTV.
Weaknesses: It’s not unique (similar items have been on the market for years) and it’s lacking in credibility. It’s just hard to believe that digital pulses in your walls will effectively rid your home of pests.
Commercial (T&T) Score: 6 out of 10
Comments: This commercial opens with some truly repulsive scenes of bugs crawling on household items. In other words, it has a great problem opening. It also has fairly good testimonials, several strong value comparisons (positioning against the cost of an exterminator) and a decent offer. Its major weaknesses are no demos (nature of the product) and no proof. The obvious question/objection this commercial raises is, “How can digital pulses possibly be effective against rodents and bugs?” The commercial does not adequately tackle that issue. “Motorola technology” is mentioned several times, but it’s unclear what credibility a brand known for communications devices can lends to a pest controller.

4. LUMILIFE SYSTEM (3 pay, $29.98) is a light bulb that destroys airborne microbes. The offer includes two of these “super-nano” light bulbs, which are also supposed to use “75 percent less energy than regular bulbs.” The bonus is a “super-nano spray protectant.”

5. STATE QUARTERS MAP ($14.99) is a reintroduction of the hit DRTV product from 1999. The offer includes a guidebook and certificate of authenticity (no coins). The bonus is the American Presidents Display, a board for collecting the new presidential dollars, which also includes a guidebook and certificate of authenticity. This is an IdeaVillage product.

6. CLEAN REST (Soft Offer) is a mattress cover and pillow case that protects against toxins, allergens and dust mites. The main claim: It’s “guaranteed to keep dust mites and any other nasty creatures away from you and the ones you love.” This is a soft offer with a key-outlet marketing tag for Bed Bath & Beyond.

7. CELLUSCIENCE (Soft Offer) is a pill for fighting cellulite. The main claim: It’s “clinically proven to help reduce cellulite inside for sexier skin outside.” It’s supposedly backed by five clinical studies.

8. ZENCORE (Soft Offer) is a male enhancement tab. The main claim: It’s the “most powerful all-natural male enhancement on the market today.” No URL

9. NUTRAMIST CRAVE CONTROL ($14.99) is a liquid supplement you spray in your mouth to help you resists food cravings. It contains chromium, green tea extract and a proprietary ingredient called “Appetrol,” and comes in a strong mint flavor. The offer is buy one, get one free. The bonus is an energy spray called NutraMist Energy Shots. This is an IdeaVillage product.

10. PUSH-UP PRO ($19.99) is a competitor to the hit DRTV product Perfect Pushup. Like the original, it has handles that twist as you do pushups, maximizing the exercise. The commercial features Jack Zatorski, the guy who set the world record for pushups in 2003, and comes with his training guide as a bonus. This is an Ontel product.

Sources: “New Spots for Week Ending 8/3/07,” IMS (1-9); "Vol. XVI, No. 41-B, 08/3/07," Jordan Whitney (10)

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