April 29, 2011

Review: Instant Zipper

Description: A replacement zipper
Main Pitch: "Instantly repair any broken zipper ... just clip it and zip it"
Main Offer: $9.99 for one
Bonus: 2nd one, 100-piece sewing kit (just pay processing)
Starring: Anthony Sullivan
Marketer: TV Goods
Producer: Sullivan Productions
Website: www.InstantZipper.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

I was wrong about Telebrands' Perfect Fit Button, and it seems I may also have been wrong about Telebrands' One Second Needle, another Sullivan creation. I disliked both items because of perceived value problems. I also thought the probem/solution was weak. And despite being wrong before, I have the same thoughts and same comments about this item.

The perceived value is especially poor ... $5 for a zipper? It's not like you can re-use it. If they gave away 10 of these, it would still be a close call. As for the problem, I can't remember the last time anyone I know busted a zipper and needed to replace it. If it's a perceived problem, it's an infrequent one at best. Maybe I'll be wrong a third time (a better offer would certainly help make that a possibility), but I just can't see this one working.


  1. TV Goods asked us via Twitter to poke around with it a few days ago. So far, 6 weeks in and the Instant Zipper's still Zipping in commercials.

    Granted, we don't recall having any zipper problems either, but I recalling having them in the past. So long as the thing can zip stuff live overpacked backpacks & suitcases, there might be something there.

    The problem appears to still be common.

    Considering revising your prediction?

  2. That would be cheating! If it appears on my "True Top 50" report, I will admit I was wrong as I always do.

  3. Your comments surprise me. I am especially interested in this item, having struggled to repair/replace broken zippers many times, and finally given up on otherwise perfectly good items.
    I have been a seamstress for over 30 years, and have always found that replacing zippers can be one of the most time-consuming and irritating of chores, especially on heavy jeans.
    I am not sure from the commercial whether the product can be used where the problem is with the zipper teeth (usually occurring at the junction where zipping up begins), or just a zipper pull that has broken off (an easy repair).
    I have several items of clothing that I can't bear to throw out, but don't have time for a full zipper replacement (ripping out and sewing new one in). I would love to find an item like this that could save me all that time and aggravation.
    Although $10 is a lot for a zipper, the materials and labor for replacing one can be a lot more. And if you get more than one, that could easily be removed and used on more than one item (also unclear), I think the price would be worth it.

  4. Does this thing work? Anyone has one and has experience?

  5. I did buy a pack of four to repair a piece of luggage and a jacket. The answer is "no" it doesn't work. There are several problems as to why it doesn't work. The first is cutting the old pull for the zipper out. You're supposed to be able to just snip it out, but the pull is filled with the teeth of the zipper and often the "meat" of what needs to be cut out goes too far into the pull to be able to cut it. I found that I was actually cutting the teeth on the zipper instead of the piece that needed to be cut on the pull.

    The second problem came after I simply cut the zipper to get the pull off and see what was going on inside. The zipper cannot be replaced if the teeth aren't already "closed" at the start. There has to be a part of the zipper, I suppose at the end of the zipper, that's already zipped so that the new zipper is simply continuing on with the zipping and unzipping of the zipper. We were not able to do this with the other zipper either as it had come undone all the way to to the end.

    With that in mind, I was not able to make this product work and wouldn't recommend buying it.

  6. I purchased a 4 pack for $9.98 from Harriet Carter catalog order. After finally finding the right size to correctly fit on the coat we needed to repair, it worked for about 2 days. Now the issue is how to get it to stay on after zipping and unzippping, it tends to continuously fall off. We've tried sqeezing it tighter with a pliers but are in fear of damaging it. The advertisement says once you click it, forget it. You can until you realize it is no longer on the coat. Anyone have any suggestions for this?