February 02, 2011

Review: Happy Nappers

Description: A stuffed animal that converts into a pillow
Main Pitch: "From a comfy pillow to a lovable friend with a simple zip, pop and squeeze"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one
Bonus: None
Marketer: Jay at Play
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Website: www.HappyNapper.com
Prediction: N/A

I don't know enough about kids' DRTV to make a proper prediction here, so I'll keep it brief. My main thought is this seems very close to Pillow Pets, which is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it could "catch the wave" and do well. On the other hand, Ontel & Co. have been doing a great job selling multiple Pillow Pets to everyone who could possibly want one, so maybe all the low-hanging fruit is gone.


  1. I cannot speak to the Happy Napper itself as I have yet to receive my product, but I can definately speak to the customer service or lack thereof. I placed 5, yes 5, seperate calls to request my tracking number and was told on each call that I didnt need a tracking number that my order had shipped 7 days prior and I would receive my package on the 10 business day following shipping. However as a customer who had already been charged for my order I was interested in having a tracking number. On the 5th call after to speaking with a representative, their lead, and finally a supervisor I was provided a tracking number!!!!! That showed the order had shipped only the day before. I asked that my shipping fee be refunded as I had clearly been provided misinformation. The supervisor refused and continued to argue that it was FedEx who was misinformed and that they had not made a mistake. Here we are 15 business days from the supposed 'ship date' and I have nothing and they refuse to refund my order or reroute my tracking number back to their warehouse. I want nothing more to do with this company or their HORRIBLE customer service.


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