August 25, 2010

Review: Safety Speak

Description: Hands-free speaker phone
Main Pitch: "Lets you listen to your cell phone through your car's FM radio"
Secondary Pitch "Instantly finds the best available unused FM station to keep on the clerest channel, no matter where you live or travel"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one with Insta-Mount and screen cleaner
Bonus: Insta-Stick Organizer
Marketer: DevTel Products
Producer: Dynamic TV Marketing
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

All together now: "There's only room for one." Or if you're a Highlander fan: "There can be only one." And when the one is Telebrands (see Jupiter Jack), you probably shouldn't bother to draw your claymore.

On a separate note, this campaign is noteworthy because it is the first from DevTel, a new DRTV company created by the founder of Cash 4 Gold (see news release here).

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