January 29, 2010

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Shed Vac ($19.95). A handheld pet hair vacuum from National Express. "Lifts loose pet hair while the vacuum suction captures loose fly-aways." www.BuyShedVac.com
    Prediction: Likely to succeed
    My only question is: Will people believe this is powerful enough to get the job done? Otherwise, it meets the criteria and is in a DRTV category with higher than average odds of success.
  2. Booty Slide ($19.95). Footgear and an exercise program for getting better buns. Pitch: "Booty-licious buns in seven minutes a day." www.BootySlide.com
    Prediction: On the fence
    "Experts agree: Buns are the new abs" might be the worst line I've heard recently. As for the concept, it meets a lot of the criteria, but I don't like DVDs for short form. The footgear barely qualifies as a bonus item because of the low perceived value.
  3. WineTastic (2 pay of $10). A device for aerating wine from Telebrands. Pitch: "The special design accelerates wine aeration, allowing wine to breathe properly in just the time it takes to pour into your glass." www.BuyWineTastic.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    Well, the site is already down, so that was an easy prediction. The problem is wine enthusiasts are a niche market, and they probably don't buy off TV.
  4. Belly Burner ($19.95). A belt for reducing belly fat from personal trainer Bobby Waldron. Pitch: "Raises your body's core temperature, super-charging the calorie-burning process." www.TheBellyBurner.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    This meets a lot of the S7 criteria, but I think the product lacks credibility and the claims they're making will be a problem.
  5. Hollywood Shoe Store ($19.99). A shoe storage system from IdeaVillage. Pitch: "Instantly makes room to store 20 pairs of shoes." www.GetHollywoodShoes.com
    Prediction: Unlikely to succeed
    There's only room for one.
  6. Zero Germ ($14.99). A UV toothbrush sanitizer from American Direct. Pitch: "Proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs that could be living on your toothbrush." www.BuyZeroGerm.com
    Prediction: Bomb
    The Toothbrush Solution didn't go anywhere, and it had the same pitch. I'll reiterate what I wrote then: "Only serious germaphobes think about or care about the microscopic organisms living on their toothbrushes. The other 90% of consumers couldn't care less ..."
  7. Tease Ease ($19.99). A styling comb from Chelsea Scott. Pitch: "You get all of the volume and all of the lift with none of the breakage and none of the damage." www.TeaseEase.com
    Prediction: Bomb
    Um, it's a comb. (OK, it's a 2-in-1 comb.) I don't see how it is nearly different enough to motivate people off the couch.

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