January 05, 2009

Seven Bona-Fide Hits

Here are seven BONA-FIDE HITS to round out the year, followed by my original scores, ratings and comments for each one. (More on my methodology for determining hits here.)

In a few months, when the annual charts come out, I'll post a complete recap of 2008 and evaluate my system for predicting hits for the second time. (My first evaluation is here.)

  1. Iron Gym
  2. Loud 'N Clear
  3. Mighty Mendit
  4. Pedi Paws
  5. Pro Caulk
  6. Smooth Away
  7. Snuggie

1. Iron Gym - I gave this multi-functional exercise bar a 6 out of 7 product score. "Like BodyRev's products, this item is priced high for TV," I wrote. "But price doesn't seem to matter as much to this new DRTV demographic, as evidenced by the staggering success of Perfect Pushup." I also gave the commercial a Good/Excellent rating.  "LoudMouth TV's Annika Kielland is one of the best in the business when it comes to this format," I wrote. (Read the complete review)

2. Loud 'N Clear – I gave this in-ear personal sound amplifier a 6 out of 7 product score. Sully guest-wrote the post that week, but he generally liked the product and the creative. (Read Sully's comments)

3. Mighty Mendit – I gave this liquid bonding agent a 6 out of 7 product score. "After missing the boat on Mighty Putty, I’ve learned my lesson! I’m predicting this item will be a hit," I wrote. I also gave the commercial my highest rating: Excellent! "Billy Mays and John Miller have outdone themselves again," I raved. (Read the complete review)

4. Pedi Paws – I gave this tool for filing a pet's nails a 6 out of 7. “[E]ven though it's second to market behind Peticure, I think it will do well. It might even eclipse the competition," I wrote. "The reason? It's marketed by a master of DRTV, and it corrects a major flaw with its predecessor: the price." (As I write, Pedi Paws is No. 23 on the Jordan Whitney and Peticure does not appear on the chart at all.) I also gave the commercial a Good/Excellent rating. “When it comes to the pet category, no one does it better than Blue Moon," I wrote. (Read the complete review)

5. Pro Caulk - I gave this silicone tool for applying caulk a 5 out of 7. "Based on the number of times I've seen this commercial lately, I have to guess it's successful," I wrote. "But I can't imagine that success will last for long. That's because the market is limited." So far, I'm  wrong. Pro Caulk is everywhere. As for the commercial, I gave it a Good rating. "[I]t's simple, focusing on the most important thing when you're marketing this kind of item: frequent, close-up demonstrations," I wrote. (Read the complete review)

6. Smooth Away - I gave this pad for buffing away body and facial hair a 6 out of 7. "IdeaVillage has done it again, introducing the next hit in this category," I wrote. "Another definite winner." However, I only gave the commercial an OK rating. Although I didn't explain myself at the time, I felt the overall quality of the commercial could have been better. (Read the complete review)

7. Snuggie - This item did not pop up on my radar until it was in full rollout. Good thing, too. Had I reviewed it, I probably would have shared the skepticism of many. A blanket with sleeves? Who knew?!

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