April 08, 2008

New This Week: GrillTamer … and that’s it!

We’ve finally reached the low-water mark. Tax season is right around the corner, which means response levels are at their lowest, and no DRTV player with experience is going to bother taking a shot. That leaves the “newbies.” Only one was imprudent enough to go for it this week – largely because his item is seasonal, and the season starts now.

1. GRILLTAMER ($39.95) is a device for propping open the lid of your barbecue grill that also has a built-in thermometer. It was invented by someone named Mike Macken. As the story goes, “His original ... design was to simply prop open his grill lid so he could see what was going on inside of the grill and extinguish flare-ups before dinner was burnt beyond recognition. After several years of development with the addition of a high quality thermometer, a hardwood handle for safety and thousands of meals later... the GRILLTAMER was born." The main claim: It eliminates “flare-ups and hot spots.” The offer is for one device. The bonus is a jumbo container of Macken’s “Grand Champion Master Blend” seasoning, and Macken is also the spokesman. www.GrillTamer.com
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7*
Commercial Rating: OK**
This item won’t work on DRTV for several reasons. One, BBQ thermometers aren’t unique, and attaching one to a fancy way to prop open your grill doesn’t overcome that weakness. Two, the product doesn’t solve a big enough problem. Obviously people have figured out how to grill meat without ruining it. Three, the price is too high for TV (by about $20), and the offer isn’t a good value. Four, the product isn’t visually exciting. Add seasonality to the mix, and you have an item that is wrong for DRTV. A better way to test the item would be to impulse merchandise it near barbecue grills in select stores.

Sources: “New Spots for Week Ending 4/4/08,” IMS (1)

* See my July 24, 2007 post for a complete explanation of the D7 product score.
** See my October 22, 2007 post for a complete explanation of my commercial rating system.


  1. I bought the Grilltamer about a year ago and use it all the time. It has easily saved many meals from burning or drying out and going to the trash can.

    As far as the Master Blend Seasoning, this is the best darn seasoning I have ever used. Everyone in my house wants it on everything.


  2. I got a Grilltamer for my birthday and "just love that little grill gadget" Several freinds have also purchased one and they love to show off the food that comes off the grill.

    My grill now works much better and the food that comes off of it is obviously healthier and tastes better.

    Oh... and that master blend seasoning is the BEST seasoning that I have ever used. Gotta order more. It is the best gift for any grill lover in your life.

  3. Grilltamer does what they said it would do. It is a great new gas grill tool. GRILLTAMER installs instantly with out any tools or modifications and helps controll grill temperatures eliminateing flare ups and hot spots, saves on propane, makes grill parts last longer and perform better and makes food cook healthier, moist and more flavorful every time.