October 22, 2007

New ratings for commercials

As part of my quest to make this blog as good as it can be, I am simplifying the system I use to evaluate commercials and including a rating with every new commercial on which I report. Here are the new ratings:

  • EXCELLENT - This commercial is of exceptional production quality and/or hits all of the key DRTV techniques.
  • GOOD - This commercial is well produced and/or hits most of the key DRTV techniques.
  • OK - This commercial is mediocre. The quality is just passable and several of the key DRTV techniques have been overlooked.
  • POOR - This commercial is poorly produced and most of the key DRTV techniques have been ignored.
  • AWFUL - This commercial is just bad. It should never have been aired.
This new rating system will replace the occassional T&T Score I have given commercials. I will continue to use the T&T framework, but only when writing full reviews of commercials (which I will post separately and randomly).

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