February 07, 2008

New This Week: FootClaw, Get-A-Grip, Pump Perfect and FishGillz

February is here, and the massive volume of new items has slowed a little. This week, there are only four new items of note.

1. GET-A-GRIP (2 pay, $9.99) is a safety handle that suctions to smooth surfaces, such as bathtubs and shower doors. The main claim: “Holds up to 200 pounds.” The offer is buy one, get one free -- just pay S&H on the second one. This is a Telebrands product. www.BuyGetAGrip.com
Product (D7) Score: 6 out of 7*
Commercial Rating: Good**
The only area this product is weak: credibility. I don’t think people will trust an “As Seen on TV” suctioning handle with their safety. Otherwise, the concept is perfect, especially for the older-skewing DRTV buyer. This item has also done well in catalog, so you never know. As for the commercial, I thought the key demo (creating a ladder on a boat) was weird, and I would have liked to see more seniors in the spot. Something along the lines of: “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

2. FOOT CLAW ($19.99) is a steel alloy claw that attaches to shoes or boots. The pitch: “Walk with confidence on any terrain,” including “snow, ice, mud, sand, wet grass or loose gravel.” The offer includes a travel pouch. The bonus is a second one free, just pay S&H. www.FootClaw.com
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7*
Commercial Rating: Good**
People are unlikely to buy this item for any other reason than to prevent slipping on the ice. That means it solves a problem, but the problem is seasonal -- and only affects areas of the country that have cold seasons. In other words, the item is unlikely to work on DRTV, which works best when an item is “weather-proof” and solves a problem that affects everyone.

3. PUMP PERFECT ($14.95) is a portable pump. The pitch: “Just flip the switch to transfer water, gas, oil and so much more!” The bonus is a cup holder caddy like the one Allstar gave away with the AutoCool. www.PumpPerfect.com
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7*
This is not a DRTV item. It isn’t unique enough. It lacks mass appeal. And it doesn’t solve a common problem.

4. FISHGILLZ ($49.95) are polarized sunglasses that float. The pitch: They’re specially designed “with the fisherman in mind.” www.FishGillz.com
Product (D7) Score: 3 out of 7*
This item is also wrong for DRTV. It’s not unique enough (polarized sunglasses are everywhere). It lacks mass appeal. It doesn’t solve a real problem. And it’s too expensive for TV.

Sources: “New Spots for Week Ending 2/1/08,” IMS (1-2, 4); "Vol. XVII, No. 15-B for 2/1/08,” Jordan Whitney (3)

* See my July 24, 2007 post for a complete explanation of the D7 product score.
** See my October 22, 2007 post for a complete explanation of my commercial rating system.

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