August 17, 2007

New Items: Quixx, Multi-Stripper and that’s all!

There were a lot of repeats this week as several companies went back on the air with a new approach. Among them: Telebrands’ Stick-Up Bulb and Above All’s Forearm Forklifts.

As a result, I saw very few new commercials this week, so it’s going to be a short report!

1. QUIXX ($19.99) is a scratch remover for cars. The main claim: It’s “German engineered” for high performance, so it can “restore your finish to showroom condition.” The offer includes one tube of Quixx Repair, one tube of Quixx Finish, two polishing cloths and four strips of special sandpaper for deep scratches. The bonus is a high-performance wax that seals and protects. This is an Anthony Sullivan commercial.
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Strengths: This is a mass market product that solves a very painful problem, is priced right for DRTV and is fairly easy to explain. It also holds appeal for older people, especially since many are on fixed incomes and could use a cheap alternative to expensive body work.
Weaknesses: The two problems with this product are: 1) It’s been done before and, as a result, 2) It faces a major credibility hurdle. The following
customer review of GS27, a similar TV product from a few years back, is typical of consumer opinions of products like these: “It wasn't that expensive but totally useless. We put it on a scratch or two on our car … It did nothing except leave a white stain on the area.”
Commercial (T&T) Score: 5 out of 10 (What’s “T&T”?)
Comments: What I like most about this commercial, in addition to the solid problem opening, is that it builds credibility from the first scenes. We learn this is a product of “German engineering” that’s been “licensed by European automakers,” an excellent way of tapping into the German reputation for auto excellence. The spot also has great demos of scratches disappearing before your eyes, but sadly there’s no magic demo. With a product like this, I expected to see something amazing. For instance, what if they had borrowed a page from the “Pimp My Ride” playbook and used Quixx to transform someone’s horribly abused car? Speaking of which, there were no before-and-afters – another oversight. Additional strengths: A big offer and a great value comparison. Additional weaknesses: Nothing unique in the features and benefits section, no explanation of how the product works, no attempt to address the objection that these products don’t really work, and no satisfaction guarantee.

2. MULTI-STRIPPER ($19.95) is a electric drill attachment for stripping paint, varnish and rust. The main claim: It’s “tough enough to remove the paint but gentle enough to leave the surface clean and clear with no scratching, no scraping.” The offer includes a “fine tine” attachment for delicate work. The bonus is a pocket saw similar to the MXZ Pocket Saw.
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Strengths: This is a unique problem solver that’s priced right for DRTV, can be explained easily through demos and appeals to people of all ages.
Weaknesses: The market for people who want to strip wood on a regular basis is limited, and the product’s main claim is hard to believe (see question/objection comment below).

Commercial (T&T) Score: 7 out of 10
Comments: This commercial uses a lot of the T&T techniques. It has a great problem opening, magical demos and compelling comparisons to other, lesser methods. In fact, only a few techniques were overlooked or inadequately represented. For instance, this commercial does have a scene that begins, “The secret is …” But what follows is a weak explanation of how the product works. It’s also missing a value comparison, and an answer to an important question/objection: How is it possible for an amateur to use this without gouging the wood?

3. ZEMELEX (Free Trial) is a male enhancement formula featuring a down-to-earth spokesman with a New York Italian accent (good idea). The main claim: “Feel bigger and perform better than ever.” The offer is a 30-day free trial. The bonus is a stimulating female lubricant for her pleasure.

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