August 20, 2007

90 Days Later: Ab Rocket, The One Touch Jar Opener and more

I wrote about four new items for the week ending May 25, one of which I predicted was going to be a hit. The items were:

  1. ROLL-A-QUE (, an aluminum cylinder for cooking hamburgers on the grill "rotisserie" style. I gave four reasons why I didn’t think it would succeed, among them it’s higher price ($29.95) and lack of visual proof that it works. Today, it does not appear on either list.
  2. ODOR XIT MAGIC (, an odor-eliminating spray that works on the toughest odors imaginable. I thought the item faced a crowded category, but I loved the creative demos that also doubled as testimonials. Today, it does not appear on either list.
  3. AB ROCKET (, a spring-assisted ab rocker that provides resistance on the way down and assistance on the way up. I thought it was wrong for short-form, but could be the next ab item in long form. Today, it does not appear on either list.
  4. ONE TOUCH JAR OPENER, an automatic jar opener that looks and works like the One Touch Can Opener. I predicted it would be a hit! I wrote: “This product gets high marks in every category. The only weakness I can see, which was shared by the item's predecessor (and didn't seem to matter), is credibility. People may find it hard to believe something small and battery-powered can open tough jars.” Today, it just surfaced at #60 on the Jordan Whitney, but does not appear on the IMS list.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the One Touch Jar Opener to see what happens. If it climbs the JW list and appears on the IMS list, I’ll have correctly predicted my second winner (Huggable Hangers was the first).

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