October 29, 2018

New & True: My Fit Jeans

Description: Stretchable jeans
Pitch: "The perfect fit for every woman of every shape, every height"
Offer: $39.99 for one pair (2 sizes, 3 colors)
Bonus: 2nd pair for half off ($19.99)
Marketer: Allstar
DRMetrix Rank: No. 28*
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Jeans-like comfortwear has a solid history of success on DRTV. Hampton's Pajama Jeans (2010-2012) was the original hit. A few years later, a five-way competition in the category resulted in two rollouts (Jeaneez, Slim Jeggings). Ironically, this product is closest to Hollywood Jeanz, one of the three that didn't get traction.

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