June 18, 2018

New & True: Sensor Brite

Description: A motion-activated light
Pitch: "Light where you need it, when you need it"
Offer: $12.99 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (free), free shipping
Marketer: Trendstar
DRMetrix Rank: No. 28*
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Motion-activated lights have been a popular choice for DRTV marketers. Both indoor and outdoor lights have been tried with some successes of note.

This product is closest in concept to Spark Innovator's Motion Brite, which spent time on the charts last year. A line extension attempt called Motion Brite Welcome Home tested earlier this year but did not roll out. Other indoor motion-activated lights attempted this year include Novel Brands' Cozy Glow and Allstar's Swivel Shine.

Moving outdoors, the biggest success was Ontel's Ever Brite, which came in at No. 19 on the 2016 True Top 50. Telebrands' Light Angel (2013) was another success.

However, several attempts to repeat those successes have not been fruitful. These include two Ever Brite line extensions, Ever Brite Color Path (color-changing path lights) in August 2017 and Ever Brite Gutter Grip in October 2017. Meanwhile, Telebrands tried an Ever Brite-like light called Atomic Beam SunBlast in January of this year as well as Atomic Beam Light Angel at about the same time.

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