November 10, 2016

The SciMark Report Endorses ...

After a fair and objective review of all of the candidates for 2016 DRMA Member of the Year, I have determined that one candidate stands above the rest and should receive your vote.

The SciMark Report endorses: Asieya Pine.

Here are the top three reasons you should vote for Asieya:

  1. She is an inspirational success story, rising from executive assistant at what was then a small boutique agency to president of the No. 1 short-form agency in the country. Glass what?
  3. Her intelligence and diligence have most likely made your company millions of dollars over the years.
  5. Happy wife, happy life. Happy blogger. More great, free content for you. See how that works?

So don't delay: CLICK HERE to vote for Asieya today!

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