June 15, 2016

Old Gold: Rocket Fishing Rod

Current Marketer: Goliath
Current Producer: Infomercials Inc.
Original Hit Year: 2007
Original Marketer: Spin Direct
Watch the original spot
Watch the new spot

This is a recent rollout that is currently climbing the charts. Calling it "old gold" may not be accurate, though. It doesn't seem to have found its way onto the typical charts back in 2007-2008, and the Website says "over half a million sold." That's not peanuts, but it also isn't anything to write home to mom about in this day of high-volume hoses and proliferating pans. More like "old silver."

On a side note, I may have to change my mind about the fishing category. First Twitching Lure and now this? It seems fishing may be resurgent.

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