February 04, 2016

Strain 7

Description: A multi-function strainer
Main Pitch: "Does the job of seven different kitchen tools"
Main Offer: $10 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay a separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands (2015 True Top Marketer)
Watch the spot

Telebrands is the only marketer that ever defied my "Swiss Army" rule. The product was Chef Basket, a 12-in-1 kitchen gadget that topped the charts in 2011. Otherwise, the rule is pretty robust and should apply here. In fact, this item was tried years ago under the name Smart Strainer. It didn't work then, and I suspect too many uses was the reason.

On live shopping, which is where this comes from, there's enough time to explain everything this product can do. But accomplishing that in a two-minute format is a much more difficult feat.

S7 Analysis: In this case, it's the needed criterion that gives me pause. There are plenty of good-enough solutions to all of the problems this product solves, most of them in the cabinets and drawers of the average kitchen. While an all-in-one solution might be a better idea, it's always hard to convince people to replace what they already have.

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