August 06, 2015

One Hands & Feet

Description: A hand treatment
Main Pitch: "Turn back the hands of time, right before your eyes"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one bottle
Bonus: 2nd bottle (just pay P&H)
Starring: Taylor Baldwin
Marketer: Top Dog
Watch the spot

Correctly guessing the outcome of this project boils down to one's understanding of the older female consumer. We know she is concerned about wrinkles and other signs of aging on her face. What isn't well known is whether she is equally concerned about signs of aging elsewhere. There have been a few attempts to find out, none of them successful (yet). For instance, Ontel tried a a wrinkle treatment for the décolletage called Lift Away in 2013.

Complicating things is the fact that even wrinkle treatments for the face have not been successful. (Click the Lift Away link for a recap.) So it may be that even if women are equally concerned about the aging of their hands, short-form DRTV is not the right medium to sell them a solution to that problem.

S7 Analysis: Is this product needed? Guthy-Renker seems to agree with Top Dog that it is. Their commercial for Hand Perfection is currently in rollout. That might answer my first question (are women concerned about aging hands?), but it doesn't answer my second question (is the pitch right for short form?).

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