June 04, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. X-Hose Pro Extreme. Starring: Inventor Michael Berardi. Brand: Dap. Pitch: "Sold brass fittings and several major improvements." Comments: The new, new and even more improved version ... I bet people who bought the first versions of these hoses feel like total suckers right about now! As for this commercial, Mr. Berardi tries to be funny and grab attention but is clearly in desperation mode, practically begging prospects not to buy better-selling competitors Pocket Hose and Flex-Able Hose. Good luck with that. In case that doesn't work, he also tries boring the viewer into buying with patent information and a lengthy explanation of his manufacturing process. It's like they ran out of money and decided to use their corporate promotional video to complete this commercial. [ss]
  3. Pedi Pen. Pitch: "The easy-to-use, instant callus remover." Comments: This product was tried once before under the name PediWow in January of 2010 (see No. 6 in this Weekly Round-Up). Back then, it seemed rudimentary compared to Ped Egg. Today, it seems even more rudimentary compared to Ped Egg Power (and competitors). Timing is critical. [ss]
  5. Pooch Smooch. Pitch: "A great, convenient way to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria found on your dog's tongue." Comments: There have been several attempts to sell a solution to this problem (Ora Pup, Fresh Licks, Brushy Bowl), none of them successful. In DR, the third time is seldom the charm ... and the fourth time just makes you look uninformed. [ss]
  7. Super Sipperz. Pitch: "Fun, exciting straws that you can build into any cool shape you imagine." Comments: Love it. Kids try to do this with regular straws. They'll go nuts for this. [ss]

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  1. Who is the marketer on super sippers