January 08, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Kitty Hi-Rise. Marketer: Eagle Eye. Producer: Adcomm. Pitch: "The new space-saving, over-the-door cat tower." Comments: It appears that cat lovers are as finicky as cats. That is, while they certainly go crazy when they like something, it's hard to figure out what will catch their fancy. [ss]
  3. Lint Genie. Marketer: Norman Direct. Producer: Concepts TV. Pitch: "The quick and easy way to get lint-free laundry every time." Comments: It's my impression that lint in the laundry hasn't been high on the problem scale for a few decades. Telebrands' Lint Lizard was a 2012 True Top Spender, but that was about cleaning lint out of the dryer to improve its efficiency -- in other words, today's dryers are solving the problem but creating a new problem. [ss]
  5. Smart Shelf. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "The foldable shelf with a built-in cord catcher and cup holder." Comments: Similar items have not fared well. See Bed-Mate (No. 3 in this Weekly Round-Up), a 2008 follow up to the 2005 hit Table-Mate, and Handy Valet from 2009. [ss]

And that's all, folks. Slow start to the year!

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