December 04, 2014

Side Sleeper Pro: Old Gold?

New Name: Side Right
Current/Original Marketer: Allstar
Original Hit Years: 2010-2011 (No. 75 & 47 on JW Annuals)
Watch the spot

This is yet another attempt to bring back a winner in less than five years rather than waiting the traditional 7-10 years. Allstar's last attempt was just last month (see my Kitty File review) with the fate of that project unknown. Because that project was substantially different than the original hit (i.e. Emery Cat), I didn't classify it as an 'Old Gold' attempt, whereas this appears to be pretty much the same product but with a different fill.

S7 Analysis: Pillows obviously meet all of the S7 criteria, otherwise the success of four of them at the same time from 2010-2011 wouldn't have been possible. That said, the category has never been uncrowded, especially of late, and I find it hard to believe that another new pillow can be perceived as needed or different given all the recent noise in the marketplace.

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