December 25, 2014

SciMark Report from December Response

Global's Jeaneez

My latest SciMark Report in print is now available on the Response Website.

The topic: The crazy new jeggings battle featuring a record number of competitors. Or perhaps it is more appropriately titled: The Jeggings War!

Clarification: I learned after this report went to press that InvenTel's Hollywood Jeanz are actual jeans, not jeggings. That means this war is technically between four competitors with a similar-looking fifth product also in the mix. No less crazy!

Coming Soon

In the upcoming first issue of 2015, I take a break from writing reviews to share my latest list of good categories and bad categories for DRTV. Check out the upcoming January issue to find out where you may want to be focused.

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  1. Most Majors have a Desperate Lack of imagination. What to do, Knock off a current tv hit or old gold? Retirement time would be nice, they have made more than enough. Hanging on too long is so sad.