September 11, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. BBQ Nu. Starring: Beau Rials. Pitch: "Clean any grill without scrubbing instantly." Comments: A 'fast fail.' (Link goes to spot.) Besides grill season being such a short selling season (and it being very late in that season), the Miracle Grill Mat/Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat duel will ensure this problem is solved for the consumer. Also, it's a chemical, a replenishment item and the process sounds complicated. Easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8! [ss]
  3. Genie Cool. Pitch: "Breathable, cooling fabric helps keep you fresh no matter what." Marketer: Tristar. Comments: An apparent 'fast fail' -- although probably a good addition to the retail line. (Link goes to spot.) [ss]
  5. Gorilla Green. Starring: Joe Fowler. Marketer: Simoniz. Producer: Opfer. Pitch: "Cleans just like the expensive stuff at a fraction of the price." Comments: Yet another 'fast fail' -- and yet more evidence this is a Siren category. (Link goes to spot.) Even the "cleaning products are mostly water" pitch has been tried a few times without success. As for the commercial, I like the way the creative team treated the 'leading brand' comparison. Nicely done. [ss]
  7. Handy Slicer. Marketer: Global TV. Pitch: "Slice fast and easy with one hand." Comments: 'Fast fail' No. 4. Good category, historically, but also becoming a tough category with many more flops than successes. [ss]
  9. Hot Peplum. Marketer: Edison Nation. Pitch: "A fabulous way to add glamorous pop to any outfit." Comments: The final 'fast fail of the post. I have no idea what a "peplum" is, so I'll leave it at that. Sounds like a pizza or sandwich topping to me. "I'll take that with lettuce, tomato ... and what the heck, throw on a few hot peplums, too!" [ss]
  11. Big Boss Insta Mop. Marketer: Emson. Pitch: "Cleans up the hidden dirt and dust that ordinary mops leave behind." Comments: Not sure if this is a sanctioned variation of Hurricane Spin Mop for Canada, a 'follower' item, or what. [ss]
  13. Steady Pro Ruler. Marketer: Lenfest. Producer: Opfer. Pitch: "Ruler with a handle measures, levels and provides [a] straight edge." Comments: This is pretty neat, and it looks useful (lots of solid demos), but tools are a tough category these days. [ss]
  15. Wipe New Headlight Restore. Pitch: "Crystal clear headlights in just seconds." Comments: This is Wipe New's answer to Fast Brite. Too soon to bring back a 2011-2012 hit, but it makes sense as a brand/line extension. [ss]

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  1. The important question: Was the Hurricane Spin Mop a sanctioned version to being with?