March 04, 2014

Clever Clasp: Old Gold?

New Name: Perfect Clasp
Original Hit Year: 2007 (No. 20 on the JW Annual)
Original Marketer: IdeaVillage
Prediction: On the fence

I recall Clever Clasp being a modest hit, not a blockbuster. But it does solve a real problem for an aging population that has only gotten older since 2007. Six years is also within the range of possibility for a Phoenix to rise again, so this one has a decent shot.

I'm on the fence because this is my 17th "Old Gold" post and, insofar as this has been a record of attempts, the results are pretty mediocre. Here's a recap:

  1. Moving Men: Bomb. But a similar item, EZ Moves, became a hit.
  2. Sifteroo/Quicksand: Bomb. But a similar item, Sift 'N Toss (see No. 8 in this Weekly Round-Up) became a hit.
  3. Turbie Twist: Bomb. But just on TV. It is still selling in select retailers.
  4. DiDi Seven: Bomb.
  5. Shelf Master: Bomb.
  6. White Light: Bomb.
  7. Insta Bulb/Stick Up Bulb: Hit! Appeared on my True Top Spenders of 2012.
  8. Caulk Fast/Pro Seal: Bomb.
  9. Bacon Wave: Hit! This one barely missed my True Top Spenders of 2013.
  10. Rocket Tops: Bomb. Site is down.
  11. Citrus Express: Site is still live, but it's not looking good.
  12. Tornado Can Opener/One Touch Can Opener: Site is still live, but it's not looking good.
  13. Fresh Mex Express/Smart Chopper: Site is still live, but I'm pretty sure it was a bomb.
  14. Pastafina/Pasta Express: TBD
  15. Scratch 911/Lens Doctor: TBD
  16. Repeat Potty Pad/Potty Patch: TBD

So there you have it: Two hits out of the bunch. When all results are in, I think this will probably shake out to be a 1 in 10 hit rate for Old Gold items. That's decent but nothing to get excited about, and I think the strength of the hits also needs to be considered. I don't recall either item being really big at retail.

That said, I probably missed a few examples that deserve to be included in this analysis. One (two, really) that immediately springs to mind is Perfect Pancake. The fact that the item was a revival of a 10-year-old hit got lost in the duel with Telebrands' Flip Jack. But it made my 2013 mid-year list, and Telebrands' version (which was actually closer to the original) made both the mid-year and final lists.

Can you think of any other projects, successful or not, that should be included in this analysis? If so, post a comment.

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