January 27, 2014

Silver Slip-Ins

Description: Odor-killing shoe inserts
Main Pitch: "Keep your feet fresh and odor-free all day long"
Main Offer: $10 for 5 pairs in nude
Bonus: 5 more pairs in gray (just pay P&H)
Starring: Taylor Baldwin
Marketer: Top Dog Direct
Producer: Hutton-Miller
Website: www.SilverSlipins.com
Prediction: On the fence

Insoles have a terrible track record on DRTV. I can't think of one success in the last decade. However, they have all focused on comfort, so this freshness approach is, well ... fresh. Will it be enough?

Honestly, I have no clue. It's rare that I come across an item that is so unique, there is no relevant DRTV history and it hasn't been tested in some way before. This is one of those cases, so I'll be watching and learning with the rest of the industry.

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