December 05, 2013

Weekly Roundup

Watch the EverLight commercial

  1. EverLight. Pitch: "The light that automatically goes on when the power goes off." Comments: A 'fast fail' from yours truly. Take it from me: This is a Siren category. [ss]
  3. Airman. Marketer: InvenTel. Pitch: "The all new radio-controlled super hero of the sky." Comments: This is very cool. Toy distribution can be tricky for dilettantes, but otherwise I can see this doing well -- especially in Q4. [ss]
  5. Custom Genie Bra. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "The first convertible bra that custom conforms to you." Comments: The latest addition to the line. I like the pitch. [ss]
  7. Effortless Sheets. Starring: Susan Williams. Pitch: "The world's first top sheet that's fitted at the bottom." Comments: A solution in search of a problem. Prediction: Bomb. [ss]
  9. Flexy Cord. Pitch: "The expandable, tangle-free, self-coiling extension cord." Comments: An apparent 'fast fail.'
  11. Pocket Hose Ultra. Starring: Richard Karn. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Three times stronger with a lifetime guarantee." Comments: Given how many of these hoses Telebrands has sold, it makes sense to try extending the line. [ss]
  13. Pocket Juice. Pitch: "Stay charged while on the go -- wherever and whenever." Comments: Speaking of Sirens, this has become a Siren product. Sailors beware. [ss]
  15. Tomato Garden Caps. Pitch: "Enjoy great-tasting tomatoes and strawberries all year long." Comments: Another apparent 'fast fail.' [ss]
  17. Rack Trap. Starring: Marla Schultz (the inventor). Pitch: "An undetectable one-size-fits-all personal bra pocket." Comments: Allstar already tried this concept under the name Secret Keeper. But I love their name! [ss]
  19. Trust Coin. Producer: Greenberg Direct. Pitch: "Show your allegiance to principles the United States was founded upon." Comments: From what I know about this category, which admittedly is very little, this seems like it hits all the right notes. [ss]
  21. World Class Knife. Starring: Marc Gill. Pitch: "The best features of a gourmet French chef's knife and a classic Japanese chef's knife." Comments: With one notable exception (IdeaVillage's Yoshi Blade), single knives haven't fared well on DRTV -- although it seems Telebrands is making a serious run at bringing Aero Knife to market. As for the creative, I'm impressed! I didn't realize Marc was such a skilled 'knife worker.' [ss]

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