November 26, 2013

Hot Bob

Description: A hair accessory
Main Pitch: "Turns long locks into a beautiful faux bob without scissors"
Main Offer: $10 for one set (2 flexibands, 2 ponytailers)
Bonus: 2nd set (just pay P&H), style guide & storage case (free)
Marketer: Allstar
Producer: Monte-Brooks
Prediction: On the fence

For what it's worth: I like this item. Not because I have any sort of "finger on the pulse" of what's in style (far from it), but because it allows women to experiment with a look that is usually permanent, temporarily. That's different and, if DR criteria apply at all to this category, different should be good.

That said, I have to wonder how viable this category really is. Looking at the track record, I still must conclude that hair is a 1 in 50 category. Just because Allstar found two hits close together (Hot Buns, Hot Huez) doesn't mean the industry won't have to go through 98 more items to find the next hit.


  1. Are ladies trying to temporarily want to go from long hair to a bob? The trends of Hot buns was an existing hot trend before the spot, gals did it with a sock and Hot Buns made it easier.

    Also the double shot of 2 before's turning into 2 afters is confusing internet formating. Where do you look first??

  2. Whether it works or not, they did a good job on the spot..

  3. Agreed, the spot is great!