August 01, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. PicStand. Producer: Infomercials Inc. Pitch: "Holds your smart phone steady ... No more shaky video" Comments: A product like this (see also Quik Pod) has been tried before, but if I recall correctly the focus was mainly on taking pictures of yourself. I like how this pitch has been broadened. This commercial is also very clear (a hallmark of this particular creative team), and that's something that should not be underestimated in DR. I think this one could break through, making it the first smart phone item to do so. [ss]
  3. Better Strainer. Starring: Marc Gill. Marketer: SAS Group. Pitch: "Stores easily and fits any size pot, pan or bowl." Comments: This is Snap 2 Strain under a new name. [ss]
  5. Closet Caddie. Pitch: "The super-sliding, space-saving hanger solution." Comments: This is a more complicated version of Wonder Hanger, and my thoughts on timing haven't changed since I reviewed Hang-A-Bunch in June. [ss]
  7. HD SpyNoculars. Pitch: "The spectacular, high-powered, high-definition super binoculars with 1,000% magnification." Comments: Holy hyperboles, batman! Superlatives aside, IdeaVillage already tried this. [ss]
  9. Pocket Lantern. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Collapsible design ... opens and closes like an accordion to provide 360 degrees of soft, bright light." Comments: A 'fast fail' ... But I will have to ponder slowly that paradoxical phrase "soft, bright light." [ss]
  11. Pop N' Fun. Pitch: "It's the pie you love to eat transformed into a 'mini-licious' yummy treat." Comments: I hear Bake Pops was a single at best, and that was at the height of the cake-pop trend, so this seems like a long shot. But it does look yummy! [ss]
  13. Press Ease. Marketer: Edison Nation. Pitch: "The strength and security of a real nail with the ease of using just your thumb." Comments: This category has a decent track record, but it may be too soon with Hampton's Insta Hang still on store shelves. [ss]
  15. Slim 24 Seven. Marketer: Tempo 3000. Pitch: "The incredible weight-loss patch that blocks and breaks down fat." Comments: Cool, unique ... and risky given the scrutiny this category receives. [ss]
  17. Tek Recon. Pitch: "High-performance blasters combined with a revolutionary live online gaming experience." Comments: This is certainly what the future of gaming will be like. But I don't know enough about the industry to say if an unbranded product can capitalize on the opportunity. [ss]
  19. Trash Can Treat. Pitch: "The amazing new way to have bad odors instantly go away." Comments: There are so many solutions to this problem available these days (e.g. scented garbage bags). Also, a somewhat similar product called Kyoto Kleen (commercial written by yours truly) failed on DRTV. [ss]

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