May 23, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Roomy Roller. Pitch: "The fast, easy space-saving way to put all your clothes away." Comments: This item reminds me of FlipFold, a success from the 'Golden Age' that's still selling online. That pitch was about quickly folding clothes like they do in stores, which is a much better sell. I'm not sure people want to roll their clothes. [ss]
  3. Body Gym. Pitch: "Look great in just eight minutes a day." Comments: Short-form fitness is such a long-shot category these days. The $29.95 price tag and the confusing, 'kitchen sink' offer don't help. [ss]
  5. EZ Yolk. Pitch: "The world's easiest egg yolk separator." Comments: This a bonus item, not a lead item. Besides, the "problem" here has been solved by products like Egg Beaters. [ss]
  7. Grip Eeze. Marketer: National Express. Pitch: "Grip and wrist-assisted glove that gives you extra strength in the hands and wrist." Comments: A bit too senior to find success on DRTV, and you can tell they were struggling to come up with demos. Using a spray bottle? Turning off the water in an emergency? Now that's reaching! [ss]
  9. Pillow Buddy. Pitch: "The protector that gives you and your family peace of mind while you sleep." Comments: The only time this product could solve a real problem is when you have to stay at a low-end hotel. Otherwise, it's just another germaphobe's dream that's destined to fail. [ss]
  11. Power Cooker. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "Make healthy and flavorful meals up to 70% faster." Comments: Another Wal-Mart only/KOM project (see Perfect Toaster). [ss]
  13. Purrfect Hammock. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "The new way for your cat to swing and sway the day away." Comments: A 'fast fail.' [ss]  
  15. ThermaFreeze. Pitch: "Ice-cube cold in a sheet that wraps everything fresh, frozen and neat." Comments: Cool product -- if not for DR, then definitely for retail. [ss]
  17. Therma Lash. Marketer: InvenTel. Pitch: "Heated eyelash curler ... gently but firmly curl[s] your lashes into beautiful, long-lasting curls." Comments: Like all beauty items, this is a long shot -- and the category history isn't great, either. (See, for example, Spin Lash.) Making things worse, there are products already on the market in the same price range (e.g. Sally Hansen for $6.99, Sephora for $16). [ss]
  19. Twisty Chain. Pitch: "The amazing, bendable, braidable, twistable body jewelry." Comments: This is a total gamble on a fashion item that defies most of the criteria for DRTV products. Better off taking the money to a casino! [ss]
  21. YBF Brows. Pitch: "Get brows that wow with the universal color matching brow pencil." Comments: See my comments on beauty above. Specifically, I have never heard of a single brow product that rolled out. [ss]


  1. YBF Brows has been a major hit on HSN, however the spot is not talking to that captive ladies audience and it not the 8 to 10 minutes of hard selling demonstrations that sells so well on the network. AS DRTV is just another DRTV cosmetic item that you pointed out is a tough sell.

  2. Body Gym is an old product called the Bull Worker from years ago. Successful on home shopping with a celebrity. Multi function band resistance products have always been difficult, nice spot.