March 08, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Allstar's Little Birdie

  1. Dee Weeder. Starring: Melinda Myers. Pitch: "The one garden tool that does it all." Comments: If Victorinox made a gardening tool, it would probably look something like this. [ss]
  3. Hair Secret by Finishing Touch. Marketer: IdeaVillage. Pitch: "The amazing new scalp concealer that makes your hair appear thicker and fuller." Comments: Apparently a 'fast fail,' since the site is already down. I don't get the brand strategy. Doesn't Finishing Touch stand for hair removal? [ss]
  5. Little Birdie. Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Blue Moon. Pitch: "The ingenious plant monitor that sings to you when your plant needs water." Comments: I am too close to this one to comment. [ss]
  7. Lord's Prayer Pendant. Pitch: "A memorable piece of jewelry and a unique spiritual accessory." Comments: A much less exciting version of Prayer Cross. [ss]
  9. MaxiLift. Pitch: "The youth formula that can take years from your looks right before your eyes." Comments: Attempt No. 483. [ss]
  11. Perfect Chop. Pitch: "The last cutting board you'll ever need, guaranteed." Comments: Amateur hour. [ss]
  13. Quick Lawn. Pitch: "Grow the world's first and only four-season lawn." Comments: This product first hit the airwaves when it was third to market. Now that it's alone on TV, and it has been a while, it has a better shot at success. [ss]
  15. Quit It!. Pitch: "The all-natural way to correct and train any pet's bad behavior, guaranteed." Comments: I don't see people buying an 'analog' version of Bark Off/Sonic Pet Trainer -- especially one that has the added disincentive of needing replenishment. [ss]
  17. Sponge Buddies. Starring: The Olate Dogs. Pitch: "It's a dog spa in a sponge." Comments: Co-written by yours truly. [ss]

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  1. So Quit It! is a can of compressed air?