September 18, 2012

Triple Duel! Two new hoses enter the arena

For only the second time in recent DRTV history (first time here), a triple duel is now underway. Actually, it's a 'dual duel' between two players trying to be second to market after X-Hose, which I reviewed in the June issue of Response magazine. Here are the challengers ...

Pocket Hose

Main Pitch: "The hose so small, it fits in your pocket"
Main Offer: Starting at $12.99
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay a separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Adcomm
Prediction: On the fence

Flex-Able Hose

Main Pitch: "Expands up to three times its original length"
Main Offer: Starting at $19.95 with a 7-way spray nozzle
Bonus: 2nd one with spray nozzle (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Tristar
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

As if the innuendo weren't strong enough with "X Hose," Telebrands had to go and name their version (which you can watch "grow and grow and grow" to a "long, full-size hose") the "Pocket Hose"? What's next? "Trouser Snake," the clog-clearing tool that fits in a man's pants pocket?

Joking aside, I like Telebrands in this 'dual duel' because they hit a lower price point and actually put a little positioning work into the project, rather than just following what had been done before. Also, this is clearly a retail play, and Telebrands' total dominance at retail is apparent.

That said, both projects are very late to market, which is to say X-Hose has a huge headstart. Unless the distribution team for that program is dropping the ball, I can't see either of these also-rans taking much market share.


  1. reviews say that the "green" hose's plastic fittings break after 1st or minimal use. Let us know when someone makes one w/ brass fittings.

  2. Just saw XHose Pro with Brass Fittings infomercial....